Free Employer Training

Free Employer Training

Given the enormous expense associated with crashes and injuries, it is necessary to train your employees to drive safely and develop a company wide traffic safety program.

About half of all crash-related injuries result in days away from work, which can greatly impact employer costs, including:

  • Health, life and disability insurance premiums
  • Sick leave
  • Contributions to workers’ compensation medical and disability insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Crash-related legal expenses
  • Lost productivity
  • Recruiting and training to replace an injured employee

Our Driving Concern offers a free training program to teach your employees the basics of traffic safety and help prevent costly crashes. Our Driving Concern Train-the-Trainer Workshops teach presentation skills in conjunction with a traffic safety curriculum to address driver behaviors that are costly to Oklahoma employers. This training is great for HR professionals, safety professionals, supervisors, instructors and other staff.

Upcoming Train-the-Trainer Events

Click for an up-to-date list of Our Driving Concern Train-the-Trainer events.

If you want to arrange training for your company or would like to see about training in your community, please contact [email protected].