January 2019 Newsletter: Identify What’s Working, Fix What’s Not

Whether it’s a robot or a driver safety program, it pays to recharge your batteries.

Our Driving Concern Senior Program Manager Lisa Robinson speaks to issues and concerns all employers face when trying to make their workforce safe on the road.

Get the Results You Expect from Traffic Safety
Fully Charged Battery

As the new year begins, perhaps you are wondering how you can recharge your driver safety program.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Evaluate your tools: What tools are you using? Are you using the right tools to achieve results? Or are you using the same tools you always have used?
  • Leadership: Is your leadership involved, invested and committed? In every organization, buy-in from leadership is essential in developing a successful safety program.
  • Policies: What policies are in place? When were policies last reviewed and updated? Do your employees know the policies? Are they reminded on a regular basis? Policies and expectations should be clear, and regulations should be enforced.
  • Driver agreements: Employees acknowledge awareness and understanding of your organization’s traffic safety policies, procedures and expectations regarding driver performance, vehicle maintenance and reporting of moving violations.
  • Discipline action strategy: Determine the course for corrective action, coaching, retraining and/or progressive discipline.
  • Record-keeping: Motor vehicle records should be checked regularly, reports should be filed and performance tracked.
  • Crash-reporting: How is your crash report form working? Are you capturing all the data you need? All crashes should be reported, no matter how minor, and all crashes should be investigated
  • Company vehicles: Selection is important – so is maintenance.
  • Rewards and incentives: People like to be acknowledged. Implement a driver reward/incentive program to make safe driving an integral part of your business culture.

Let us help with free training opportunities, free resources and continuing education opportunities. Tap into Our Driving Concern for:

Get recognized through the Oklahoma Employer Traffic Safety Awards program.

Curtain Call

Before laws were passed a generation ago, employers took the lead promoting seat belt use. Today, many are working to end distracted driving through the enactment of polices that prohibit employees from using cell phones behind the wheel.

Distracted driving is one reason more than 40,000 people are killed on U.S. roads every year.

Data from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office indicates more than 197 crashes occurred every day on state roads in 2016. What are you doing to help reduce that number? Tell us about your efforts and you could be recognized by the National Safety Council and Our Driving Concern through the Oklahoma Employer Traffic Safety Awards program.

Get in on the ground floor. The program is new this year. Any Oklahoma employer is eligible to submit an application, including municipal, corporate, private and not-for-profit organizations. Your company’s application will be assessed based on your education and outreach efforts — focusing on transportation safety and driver behaviors that reduce traffic crashes on and off the job.

Submit your application through this link. The deadline is Friday, March 29. Use this brochure to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Winners will be announced at the annual Oklahoma Safety Council conference in July 10-12 in Oklahoma City.