July 2019 Newsletter: OK to Play This Game of Copycat

CompSource Mutual’s Scott Sloan: “Safety starts with you.”

Safety Partners

During a recent presentation, CompSource Mutual Insurance Company Director of Risk Control Scott Sloan posed a seemingly simple question: What is safety?

Of course, there are many potential answers to that question. He settles on two:

  • The practice of preventing injuries and saving lives
  • The study of doing things the right way

Sloan knows others will provide their own answers. When he speaks in front of groups, he reminds listeners, “Safety starts with you.”

Sloan and his team have reached out to reps at Our Driving Concern for help in steering 22,000-plus policyholders toward safety on the roads. In fact, Senior Program Manager Lisa Robinson provided education and training during a lunch-and-learn session in Oklahoma City in February.

“When our risk-control consultants meet face-to-face with policyholders, driving safety is included in the discussion, and Our Driving Concern materials are a source of reference for us,” Sloan said. “We also provide these materials at Association safety conferences.”

CompSource is a member of the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma (ACCO). Sloan said the company prioritizes traffic safety by talking about issues at risk-control staff meetings and working with consultants to speak with policyholders.

“We encourage our policyholders to develop distracted driving and safe driving policies, and work with policyholders routinely to develop these resources,” he said. “Anecdotally, I had one policyholder contact me about three weeks after an Association safety conference where she and I specifically discussed Our Driving Concern resources. She told me, based on these resources, she held her first safety meeting in a long time and planned to conduct safety meetings routinely now.”

Sloan said CompSource does not have any metrics that specifically tie the use of Our Driving Concern materials to reduced injuries, but the company has noted driving fatalities involving policyholders are down significantly this year compared to last year.

Learn how Our Driving Concern program reps work with Oklahoma employers to proactively combat the costly toll of crashes, and understand risky driving behaviors and liability exposure. Watch: Our Driving Concern is Your Key to Safety.

What is the safety impact of drinks at lunch?

Food (and Drink) for Thought

Well, I just going to say it: I am still surprised when I see workers drinking beer or hard liquor at a restaurant during the lunch hour, especially when I see a company logo emblazoned on their shirt and the employee’s name printed on the front in full display.

Are they on the job or off? Recently, I noticed a group of people at lunch, and I was able to determine from their attire that their jobs likely were in safety-sensitive fields. I watched as each were served at least two drinks.

I couldn’t help but wonder: Why do employees think this is OK? Will they be driving back to their job when lunch is over? Does risk even come to mind? Does the employer know these employees consume alcohol on their lunch hour? Did they violate a company policy?

Can this impact their safety when they return to work? Does this put their co-workers or others at risk? Do employers discuss this behavior with their employees?

Does your company have a policy? How often do you review company policies with employees during safety meetings?

I throw these questions out as food for thought. Get it on your radar to talk about impairment at your workplace. What do employees perceive as safe or risky behavior?

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