Know the Odds of Passenger Restraints…

In 2014, more than half of Oklahomans killed in car crashes were known to not be properly restrained. Oklahoma’s 86% seat belt use rate, ranks it in the bottom half of all states. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

  • Let’s watch this 40-second video of the impact a seat belt can make.

  • Now imagine four close friends or family members in your car with you. Drivers and passengers who buckle up are 45% less likely to die and 50% less likely to be moderately injured in a motor vehicle crash. Do you want to play the odds with your family or friends? (Didn’t think so!)
  • How many of you own or take frequent rides in a pickup truck? Seat belt use is the lowest for pickup trucks among all types of vehicles. In fatal crashes, pickups roll over almost twice as often as passenger cars!

    Conclusion: Seat belts—including child safety seats—are the least expensive and most effective way to save lives and reduce the severity of injuries. Do EVERYTHING you can, and buckle up!