Fix Your GPS Compass on the Road to Zero

Set a course for your team to get on the Road to Zero.

Driving cameras helped capture the story of ready-mix concrete supplier Dolese’s safety success in Oklahoma. After banning employees from using cellphones while behind the wheel, the company experienced a 54% decrease in coachable events.

The safety leaders at Dolese are part of a growing number who have worked with Our Driving Concern, an employer-focused transportation program that yields bottom-line results as well as employee and community safety benefits. I outline the Our Driving Concern model and mission in my report, “Employer Transportation Safety: On the Road to Zero.”

In addition, I share positive outcomes experienced by a number of other employers who have attended training sessions and used Our Driving Concern collateral materials to reduce travel risks. And I answer the question, “Why the workplace?”

In short, employers who embrace transportation safety can save on crash costs, sick leave, health care and fringe benefits. While doing so, they also can make an impact in their communities and build a reputation for caring for employees and their family members. You will hear testimony from Cathie Cordis, director of human resources at Guthrie-based Companion Healthcare.

“The biggest change among our employees is them pulling over to use cellphones,” she said. “Our people are out in the field all day and continually receive calls and texts regarding their clients. We’ve had several employees turn on the ‘do not disturb’ function on their cellphone with a message stating to the caller they are driving and will return the call as soon as possible.”

Calls can wait. Safety comes first. Think of it this way: If you provide forklift safety training or offer first aid as a part of your health and wellness program, then why not also make transportation safety a part of your organization’s culture?

Why not emulate the best practices of others? When you make transportation safety a priority, you put yourself and your team on path that can lead to great return on investment. No, it’s not a path, not really. It’s called the Road to Zero. Let us help you navigate that road.

– Lisa Robinson is a senior program manager at the National Safety Council