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Wednesday, Feb. 20 (10-10:30 a.m.): Backing Up Happens! Tired of Employees Striking Fixed Objects? Backing up accounts for less than 1% of a driver’s time behind the wheel, but regularly accounts for 25% of collisions. Lisa Robinson, senior program manager at the National Safety Council, discusses how employees can steer clear of trouble when it comes to backing. She says, “Safety starts with setting a goal – as in, G-O-A-L. That’s, ‘Get out and look.’ ” In this quick and informational webinar, she also will review the use of safe vehicle backing tips for employers and employees that can help prevent collisions on and off the job.

Tuesday, April 2 (10-10:30 a.m.): Sharing the Road with Large Trucks. John Ludrick, a former commercial truck driver who is now with the National American Insurance Company, identifies key things an employer can tell its employees when they get out on the highway in their big rigs. In this short webinar, he will discuss blind spots, stopping distances, turning radiuses and other factors to prevent crashes involving large trucks.

Tuesday, June 4 (2-2:30 p.m.): Navigating the Cross Roads — How to Keep Your Employees Safe at Intersections.  Eddy Tijerina, training and development supervisor with the Oklahoma Safety Council, points to the multitude of activity at intersections — signage, turn and merging lanes and traffic signals. He says intersections can be confusing even to the most skilled driver. And he outlines tips for maneuvering through different types of intersections, including four-ways and roundabouts, and highlights best practices for safety in turning lanes.

Thursday, Aug. 29, (2-2:30 p.m.): Defensive Driving — Employer Refresher Tips. Betsey Kulakowski, training and development manager with the Oklahoma Safety Council, discusses how you should approach driving, what to do before you get behind the wheel and what to do once you get there. She will talk about fundamental concepts of defensive driving that can better equip your employees to improve their driving skills, identify hazards and reduce risk.